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The IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory Conference has teamed with Austin Tours, a division of Alcatraz Media, to offer our delegates some of the very best things to do in this vibrant city!

Austin, Texas, also known as “the live music capital of the world”, is a lively city located in the heart of the Texas hill country and is bordered by beautiful lakes and rivers to the west. A bustling downtown district, best known for having 200+ live music venues streaming life into the air and the world’s largest urban bat colony numbering over 1.5 million. Austin also features the Texas capital building and countless art, music and film festivals every year!

We look forward to showcasing the very best of our city during your stay!

Featured Tours

ISIT 2010 has selected the following tours as featured tours for attendees on the following days:

Monday:Duck Tour – 3 Hours
Tuesday:Bat Watching Sunset Sightseeing Cruise – 3 hours
Wednesday:Natural Bridge Caverns
Thursday:Austin in 90 Minutes!
Friday:Canopy Tour – 5-6 Hours

Tour Offered Directly Through ISIT 2010

Register for this tour through the ISIT 2010 registration page.

Tours Offered by Austin Tours

Register for these tours at the Austin Tours Registration page.

The following tour is organized and reserved through ISIT 2010.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns is the most extensive cavern within the Austin area and one of the largest caverns within the state of Texas. Visitors to the caverns walk through different layers of limestone, a sedimentary rock. Geologists theorize that during the Cretaceous period, a warm, shallow sea covered much of Texas. Sediments and dead marine organisms collected on the ocean floor, compacted and formed the different limestone layers. The cavern formed by an underground “river” moving slowly through cracks and pores within the limestone. Rain Water seeping through cracks started dissolving the limestone. In time, the original narrow cracks or joints enlarged to form huge underground conduits or passages.

Perhaps due to changes in climate, vegetation, or other natural forces, the water drained to lower levels within the earth. As the water left the upper passages, it moved deeper and started forming a second level. The water eventually moved to another level even deeper within the earth. As the water left the lower level, stresses within the rock led to many of the layers collapsing to form break-out domes. This final stage of collapse led to the creation of the passages that you will see.


Leave Hilton at 1 pm. Meet in lobby and volunteers will guide you from there. UT buses will escort you to the venues and back to the Hilton.

Important Notes:

  1. Please bring caps, hats, umbrellas, sunglasses and sunscreen as needed. We will provide drinking water in the bus.
  2. Please wear footwear that allows you to comfortably travel up and down stairs and ramps as these are essential for entering and exiting the caverns.
  3. Please do not wear footwear that can be damaged by water, as the cavern floor may be wet.
  4. If you suffer from allergies to pollen/wildflowers, please contact to determine if this trip is right for you.
  5. Average temperature/humidity/depth in caverns: 70 degrees Fahrenheit, 80% humidity, 180ft (54 meters). If any of these raise an issue you would like to discuss, please contact

Contact for any questions or concerns: Sriram Vishwanath

The following tours are organized and reserved by Austin Tours.

Austin in 90 Minutes!

Included Tour and Transport – 90 minute duration

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This is the ultimate FAM TOUR, we specialize in providing narrated tours of Austin that familiarize you with over 30 of Austin's major historical and cultural attractions in just an hour and a half!

In addition to sightseeing, this tour also provides an overview of Austin's history and geology. It is entertaining and educational for visitors and new residents as well as Austinites who want to learn a little more about their city.

Adult:$26.00 per person
Child:$17.00 per person (under 13 y.o.)

Canopy Tour – 5-6 Hours

Includes Canopy Tour w/6 Zip Lines and 3 Bridges / Picnic Lunch / Swimming (optional) / Roundtrip Transportation

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A thrilling eco-adventure, where you fly through the canopy of old growth cypress trees, some up to 100 feet tall. A new world unfolds as you glide on steel zip lines from platform to platform high in the treetops, the longest is over 350 feet and most launch and land 40 feet above the treetops. Included in your adventure are three sky bridges and 6 zip lines in all.

After our exhilarating adventure we will enjoy a picnic lunch (included) and swimming at a private lake.

Rate:$95.00 per person

Bat Watching Sunset Sightseeing Cruise – 3 hours

Tour includes Cruise Admission / Roundtrip Transportation

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We will cruise on the Largest Electric Paddle Wheel Boat in the Country to experience one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles in the world! One of the worlds largest urban bat colonies that call the Congress Avenue Bridge home.

Adult:$29.00 per person
Child:$24.00 per person

Duck Tour – 3 Hours

Includes Quacktastic Narrated Duck Tour / Roundtrip Transportation

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By land and lake!

On this entertaining journey we will cover Austin highlights including the State Capital Building, Governor's Mansion, the University of Texas campus, music-rich Sixth Street, historic Congress Avenue and then SPLASHDOWN for a 15-20 minute tour on scenic Lake Austin.

Child:$34.00 (3-12 y.o.)
2 and under free

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