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M. A. R. Chaudhry, Z.Asad, A. Sprintson, and M. LangbergApproximation Algorithms for The Complimentary Index Coding Problem
Mojtaba Vaezi and Mai VuOn the Capacity of Cognitive Gaussian Z-Interference Channel
Wittawat Kositwattanarerk and Gretchen L. MatthewsOn irreducible pseudocodewords of binary parity-check codes
Gou Hosoya, Hideki Yagi, Manabu KobayashiAn Iterative Decoding Algorithm for Rate-Compatible Punctured Low-Density Parity-Check Codes of High Coding Rates
K. V. Rashmi, Nihar. B. Shah, P. Vijay KumarOptimal Exact-Regenerating Codes for Distributed Storage at the MSR and MBR Points via a Product-Matrix Construction
Minqi Shen, Anders Høst-MadsenWideband Slope for K-User AWGN Interference Channel
Suvarup Saha and Randall A. BerryOn the Combinatorial Structure of 2-User Linear Deterministic Interference Channel and Better Response Updates.
Tetsuya Kojima, Yoshiya Horii, Naoki Ohtani and Thierno SeneOn Properties of a Digital Watermarking Based on Complete Complementary Codes
Kazushi Mimura and Tadashi WadayamaAverage Error Exponent of Undetected Error Probabilitygof Binary Matrix Ensembles
Wei Dai, Ely Kerman, and Olgica MilenkovicLow-Rank Matrix Completion: a Geometric Metric and Performance Guarantees
Sundeep Venkatraman, Krishnan Padmanabhan and Oliver CollinsLarge Wireless Networks with Unknown Fading
Sundeep Venkatraman, Krishnan Padmanabhan and Oliver CollinsSpatial Modulators and Diversity Capacity
Jubin Jose and Sriram VishwanathCapacity of Unit Rank Gaussian Interference Channels
Vladimir BlinovskyReliability Function of Binary Symmetric Channel Under List Decoding
Fai Lung Tsang, Wai Ho MowA submodule coding framework for generic linear random network coding
Stefano Rini, Daniela Tuninetti, Natasha DevroyeOn the capacitygof the Gaussian Cognitive S channel
Joe SuzukiA Generalization of Nonparametric Estimation and On-Line Prediction for Stationary Ergodic Sources
Christian Senger, Vladimir R. Sidorenko, Steffen Schober, Martin Bossert and Victor V. ZyablovAdaptive Error/Erasure Decoding of Reed–Solomon Codes
Mohammad Nekoui and Hossein Pishro-NikBroadcast Capacity of Obstructed Wireless Networks

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